In our work we apply cutting edge genome editing techniques on zebrafish (Danio rerio) to create animal models for a number of human diseases. These zebrafish strains can be studied to reveal how certain disease phenotyps arise, but also to test novel potential therapies.

We are also interested in the epitranscriptomic modifications of RNA molecules, such as pseudouridylation. We want to understand how such modifications affect gene expression directly, and development indirectly. Some of our other projects aim to reveal novel genes involved in the development of the dorsoventral embryonic polarity, and the function of the tectal neural stem cell niche.

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Education and science outreach

Our group is involved in the teaching of the Genetics Practical for Biologists (BSc), and also in several courses of the Molecular Genetics, Cell and Developmental Biology specialization (MSc).

We are also enthusiastic science popularizers: blogging, podcasts and Researcher's Night activities are all part of our science outreach effort.

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